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There are so many wonderful figure skating blogs on the internet talking in detail about current skaters and competitions. Unfortunately, because of the nature of sports, everything must happen here and now; carried away by the hassle of current events and recent achievements, many of us don’t pay attention to the forgotten skaters of yesteryears.

I created this blog in order to introduce the readers to lesser known figure skaters from the distant and recent past, skaters who showed amazing promise and talent at one point in time, but who for varying reasons were not able to reach their full potential and have the bright career they deserved.

Many unheard and untold stories of great and promising careers cut short due difficulties pass by. We, as viewers, never see or even think in depth about the challenges faced by elite athletes, especially those who never reach the top. Injuries, financial difficulties and eating disorders are sadly a normal part of the demanding sport that figure skating is; while some skaters are able to get the support they need and bounce back strong, hundreds more are forced to end their careers and end up an anonymous statistic, frozen and forgotten as time goes by. With this blog, I would like to start an initiative to present these untold stories to the world and showcase the careers and difficulties these athletes experience in the name of this mesmerizing but brutal sport.

A little bit about myself: I live in the Netherlands and work as a corporate drone by day. In my free time I enjoy: reading – I read pretty much anything, every waking minute when I am not working, and try to find inspiration everywhere: fiction, newspapers articles, encyclopdias, blog posts – you name it, listening to music to get myself through the working day (currently passionate about classical and vaporwave), and swimming. I would love to learn sky diving and become a volunteer swimming instructor, but so far, those are only dreams I am working on.

I have been a figure skating fan since the age of 10, my earliest memories of it being watching the 2002 Winter Olympics with my mother. After 2006, my interest in the sport kind of faded away but luckily, it has been revived recently (partially due to the release of “I, Tonya”, partially due to the 2018 Olympics).

Last but not least, while I enjoy researching and writing, I know I am by no means perfect at it; if you have any feedback for improvement or see I made a mistake in any of my posts, please fill in the contact form.

Or maybe you have a favorite skater from the past – someone you loved watching, someone with tons of potential whom you unconditionally supported, but who unfortunately never went as far as you would have liked them. If this is the case, I am always looking for ideas for more skaters to cover, so feel free to leave their name and I will make sure to research them and make a post covering their career!

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